practice. Methods: The authors performed a [...]>

Varicocele: Current Treatment Options


Tags : varicoceletreatment, maleinfertility, testicularatrophy, spermaticveinembolization

Category : Review articles

Authors : Paul Grama, Corina Adelina Zah, Mihnea Bogdan Borz

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Objective: The aim of this review is to present the current varicocele treatment options in medical
practice. Methods: The authors performed a literature review using Medline regarding treatment of
varicocele. A number of 9 papers were considered suitable. Inclusion criteria consisted of papers written in
English which described the actual treatment options for this particular affection. Conclusion: Varicocele
is a common male affection that can be treated surgically (classic open surgery, microsurgery or
laparoscopic surgery) or by interventional procedures using solid or liquid agents. Each technique has its
advantages and disadvantages and can be suited to certain types of cases. The chosen type of intervention
is influenced by the patient’s personal option and by the logistics of healthcare center (availability of
interventional radiology department, experience of the surgeons).