Their popularity is due to many advantages such as the hig[...]>

Intrauterine device penetrating the jejunum


Tags : iudperforation, jejunum, uterus

Category : Cases reports

Authors : Jacek Leszek Borowski

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Intrauterine devices are nowadays one of the most common used contraception methods.
Their popularity is due to many advantages such as the high level of efficiency, their easy usage the reversibility of the procedure as well as their low cost.
However, even though their effectiveness is proved, they still have several disadvantages. Indeed, we observe a voluminous, irregular and painful menstruation bleeding. Sometimes, we notice inflammations that could lead to infertility, the rejection of the IUD and the pregnancy despite the presence of the device. Even so, the most dangerous but rarely observed complication still the IUD's penetration into the abdominal cavity or into the organs of the abdominal cavity through the uterus walls.
In this work we are discussing the case of IUD's penetration into the jejunum lumen. The mechanism and the risks of the perforation, the diagnostics and the therapeutic advices are described below.