Congenital tuberculosis: first case prouved and reported in Madagascar


Tags : congenitaltuberculosis, preterminfants, madagascar

Category : Cases reports

Authors : Marie Odette Rasoafaranirina, Harison Michel Tiaray, Kiady Ravahatra, Davidson Rakotondrabe, Jocelyn Rakotomizao, Joelson Rakotoson

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Tuberculosis remain a major problem of public health on a global scale. The congenital form is rare. Madagascar is a country endemic for tuberculosis, no case was published. We report the first proved Malagasy congenital tuberculosis. This is a preterm (29 weeks of gestation) who presented the 20th day of his life febrile respiratory distress did not improve under empirical antibiotic therapy. But before the presence of lesions scenography in favor of tuberculosis, a miliary radiological maternal 3rd trimester of pregnancy (discovered during the exploration of a chronic cough by his doctor but neglected), a direct examination of gastric aspirated liquid was performed and positive income for acid-fast bacilli (AFB). The evolution was fatal after two months of antituberculosis