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Boerhaave Syndrom: Management of uncommon presentation


Tags : mediastinitis., septicshock, spontaneousruptureoftheoesophagus

Category : Cases reports

Authors : Binam Fidèle, Chewa Gisèle, Iroume Cristela, Nga Nomo Serge, Nkoumou Samson

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Boerhaave syndrom or spontaneous oesophagus rupture is a rare clinical entity of difficult
diagnosis. It is due to a sudden increase in intra-thoracic and intra-abdominal pressure transmitted to the
non-pathogenic oesophagus. The Triad Makler involving vomiting, chest pain and subcutaneous
emphysema is evocative. Positive diagnosis is based on oesophageal transit of hydrosoluble and thoracic
scann after opacification by oral water- soluble. The treatment of perforation is surgical. However the
success of the surgery involves the earliness of and quality of peri-operative intensive care. In this paper,
we report an unusual presentation of transmural oesophageal perforation - located at the third lower- with
severe abdominal pain and massive bilateral haemothorax. The interest of this paper focuses on diagnostic
difficuties in unfavorable environment and on the earliness of the treatment