Bariatric Surgery: A multidisciplinary approach for obesity treatment in patients in Middle East


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Authors : Christian Herve, Ghada Welwel, Karim Laaribi

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The underlined study aimed to understand the reasons, knowledge and expectations of people undergoing bariatric surgery in Middle East and Jordan. A retrospective study is designed and was conducted in the Mohammad Al-Zitawi Obesity Management Centre between the years 2015 and 2017. A total of 154 participants (males: 45; females: 109) who had body mass greater than 40kg/m2 and aged between 20-60 years took part in the study. The experiences of the study participants indicate the nature and burden of obesity. Findings of the study revealed that participants underwent surgery due to their failure in weight loss from other interventions. Most of the participants have poor knowledge about bariatric surgery and its implications and they expected surgery to result in major physical improvement. However, the results were not same for every patient.