Accidental rupture, rigid mandrel, tracheal intubation


Tags : accidentalrupture, rigidmandrel, trachealintubation

Category : Cases reports

Authors : Nga Nomo Serge

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Tracheal intubation is a technical procedure, frequently used in anesthesia, which involves inserting into the trachea through the glottic orifice a probe whose upper end emerges through the mouth (orotracheal intubation) or the nostril (nasotracheal intubation). It provides freedom and airway sealing and allows mechanical ventilation. Intubation is a well codified procedure. It is easily performed most of the time, but the occurrence of a complication remains possible during the procedure. We report here a case of accidental rupture of the endotracheal tube guide (rigid/short mandrel) with endobronchial migration during the orotracheal intubation procedure. The purpose of this presentation is to highlight the special attention that must be paid to the quality of intubation devices proposed in the management of difficult airways, including guides or mandrels that can be a source of atypical complications.