Oral and facial features in Ellis-van Creveld syndrome: A case report


Tags : chondroectodermaldysplasia, congenitalheartdisease., ellis-vancreveldsyndrome, oligodontia, polydactyly

Category : Cases reports

Authors : Adel Ayat, Tassadit Ait Kaid, Zahia Boudaoud

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The Ellis Van Creveld syndrome is chondroectodermal dysplasia form, which is characterized by skeletal abnormalities and ectodermal derivatives.
The clinical manifestation observed, in particular oral and facial manifestation will be described in this syndrome. The abnormalities recognized in 8 years old boy who carries a congenital heart disease.
Besides the numerous decay, oral manifestations are dominated by oligodontia, the presence of multiple frenulum and flanges.
The orthopedic abnormality suggestive of an achondrodysplasia well as skin lesions led us to seek a syndromic reached.
The multidisciplinary approach is early in the specialties of pediatric surgery and cardiovascular surgery. The fact remains that the Stomatological management also needs, the contribution of several dental services is essential to treat oral lesions and prevent their complications.